Community Organizations

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As a local nonprofit or charitable organization, you make your community a better place by providing services that enhance the lives of Kansans. By connecting with your community foundation, you can be even more effective at fulfilling your mission.

Community foundations do not compete with nonprofits! Rather, they exist to support organizations like yours. Community foundations help donors optimize their giving and set up long-term funds that are then funneled to local organizations and causes.

Working with your community foundation, you can set up an endowment for your organization that will result in a steady stream of support. Your local community foundation has the administration and expertise in place to help your organization receive funds in a simple and effective way. You can also avoid the need to establish an endowment organization, which requires a separate board, IRS filing, annual nonprofit tax returns, and annual audits.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of partnering with your community foundation is that foundations have the ability to accept and process complex vehicles for giving on your behalf, such as wills, trusts, real estate and stock.

If you’re ready to see what your community foundation can do for your organization and its future, contact them today! Please use our online directory to find the foundation nearest you.