Why Keep 5 in Kansas

Think about what matters to you. Perhaps it’s the schools your children attend, or the hospital where you get your care. It could be the park where your grandchildren love to play, or a local charity that’s a big part of your life.

What would you do to make sure the things that matter to you today have a secure future, long after you’re gone? How can you help ensure that future generations will benefit from the wonderful resources in your community?

We have an opportunity in Kansas to turn our hopes for the future into reality! Our state is currently experiencing an unprecedented transfer of wealth. Studies show that from 2021 to 2030, $146.1 billion will change hands from one generation to the next in Kansas. If we capture a portion of this wealth — even just 5% — by setting up endowments through community foundations, we could provide a permanent source of funding for local organizations and causes that will greatly improve the lives of Kansans.

We all want to see our state continue to grow and succeed. With a little planning, we can make a difference for our communities, our families, our friends and our neighbors, forever.

Please explore the website to find out more about the Keep 5 opportunity, and how you can play a vital role in the future of your community.