Who Benefits?

Community organizations

Better schools, funds for youth programs, improved healthcare facilities, grants for city beautification projects — these are just some of the ways that planned giving through a community foundation can enhance local organizations and build a stronger state.

With many fund options available, your gift at a community foundation can create a source of secure, sustainable support for the remarkable work being done by charities and projects in your area. (Read testimonials from organizations around our state that have seen life-changing results with the support of local community foundations.)

Communities and their residents

Many outside pressures are affecting our cities and towns, especially in rural areas. Community foundations act as savings accounts for their communities. Grants from these “savings accounts” can be especially important in tough times.

Community foundations manage funds for communities big and small, directing assets to address locally identified needs. If every Kansan keeps just 5% in our state through planned gifts at community foundations, our communities will have a permanent source of funding for public libraries, neighborhood parks, annual festivals, and so much more.

Generous Kansas donors...like YOU!

By giving back to your community through your local community foundation, you are ensuring your hometown has what it needs to continue to be a great place to live for you, your family, your friends and neighbors, and future generations.

Community foundations have an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs and challenges facing your community. They offer a broad range of giving options, can accept a variety of assets — such as land, grain and other commodities, IRAs, insurance plans, securities and more — and offer significant tax advantages. Please visit the Ways of Giving page to learn more about fund options and potential tax benefits.