Parsons Community Garden

Sheila Simmons, Volunteer Founding Member

The Parsons Community Garden (PCG) was founded with the goal of providing people the opportunity to grow healthy food, be physically active, and interact with others while also reducing their food costs. The PCG promotes accessible, inclusive gardening to people of all ages, health conditions, and disabilities. With an average annual membership of 80 members, PCG offers membership dues on a sliding scale based on need. Approximately 65% of its members participate at no cost, which increases the need for private donations.

The grant received from the Parsons Area Community Foundation provided funds to purchase raised hose reels, adapted tools, and soil improvement. These improvements have removed many barriers for those with mobility, strength and fatigue issues, and other disabilities, allowing gardeners of all abilities and ages to join and participate.

One member is 88 years old, and she noted that with the new hose reels, she could water her plot even if her granddaughter wasn’t available to help. Another gardener reported that since it was so much easier to water, she knew that she would continue to garden through the hot summer months and into the fall — increasing her access to healthy food and social interaction. We are very grateful for the support of the Parsons Area Community Foundation.