Salina Community Theatre

Michael Spicer, Executive Director

When the concept of the Greater Salina Community Foundation (GSCF) was presented to the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Salina Community Theatre, we immediately recognized the explicit and implicit value of such a foundation to the community. Salina Community Theatre was one of the first organizations to invest in GSCF.

The GSCF has continually supported the Salina Community Theatre through a variety of grant programs that have funded important and ongoing projects. Although we do not always receive the grants requested in a specific cycle, when we read about those who were funded, it is evident that there is always careful consideration by those evaluating the grants.

Over the past two years, we have received a number of grants through the GSCF that have enabled us to enrich and expand our educational offerings. These grants enable Salina Community Theatre to keep tuition costs down, allowing us to continue our policy of “no child turned away because of cost.” Enhancing education and the availability of theatre to young people ensures future audiences not just for Salina Community Theatre, but for all cultural organizations throughout the region. And finally, increasing quality brings in more students, more tuition, and therefore greater economic stability and growth to our educational programs.

Support from the GSCF helps the Salina Community Theatre to create understanding, appreciation, and support for culture for generations to come.