Where does the data on the Kansas transfer of wealth come from?

The Center for Economic Development and Business Research at Wichita State University was commissioned by the Kansas Health Foundation and the Kansas Association of Community Foundations to estimate future intergenerational wealth transfer (TOW) for each county in Kansas. The first study was conducted in 2007 and then updated in 2012. A model initially created by Boston College was used to determine a value for total wealth in Kansas. The result was an estimated $598 billion in net worth for the state from 2010–2064. (View the county-by-county transfer of wealth breakdown.)

Total wealth was allocated to all 105 counties in Kansas and adjusted by county according to age, size of household, presence of children, income from self-employment, education level and presence of high-wealth families. The value of productive property also was incorporated in each county.

U.S. Census population growth estimates at the county level were applied to each county with projections out to 2060. Then, estate values were estimated for when the heads of households pass away. These estimates were based on age of descendant(s) and distribution of wealth.