Types of Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Particularly in demand to address emerging and persistent challenges in Kansas communities. This type of fund allows the local foundation board greater latitude to award grants that strategically and proactively address current needs. Some memorial and honorarium gifts are given in the name of an individual and then incorporated into an unrestricted fund. Unrestricted funds may also be used to establish a named fund.

Designated Funds

Establish funds for one or more specific organizations or charitable purposes of your choice.

Donor-Advised Funds

Make recommendations on distributions to qualified charities. This type of fund is an alternative to establishing a private foundation. See the ways in which a private foundation and a donor-advised fund differ through this comparison chart.

Field of Interest Funds

Specify an area of interest for your fund, such as education, economic development, or the arts. The foundation board of trustees reviews community needs and makes distributions to benefit projects or causes in that specified area.

Scholarship Funds

Support individual students in their educational endeavors. As the donor, you may help set the criteria for selecting recipients.

Expendable – Special Project Funds

Generally short-term, non-endowed funds with a specific objective related to a project or result.